Beginning University

As this is my first post, let me first introduce myself, I’m Maryam and I’m in my third year studying Management with Marketing. I moved to Aberdeen from Edinburgh and was really keen to study at RGU and to move away from home!

I have always been interested in all things creative and had enjoyed all my business subjects in school so decided to study the Management with Marketing course at RGU. I had heard that RGU have an impressive business school offering a lot of opportunities to their students such as Study Abroad and Industrial Placements and as I had a few of my friends already studying here, I was set that RGU was the university I wanted to study at. Even though it’s been a while since I accepted my offer, I still remember the joy I felt when an unconditional offer popped up on my screen! The best thing about Aberdeen is that the city is really compact with a high student population, which for new students is a great way to find your way around and to meet new people.

Starting university is a daunting experience wherever you chose to go. Casting my mind back, I had no idea what to expect on my first day. It was manic with information overload and was slightly intimidating not knowing a single person, but I just kept reminding myself that everyone is in the exact same position. Over time, I managed to come to grasp with things. I became familiar with my timetable and became friendly with my class mates. The biggest adjustment I had to face personally was how much independent work we got. My tutors weren’t going to chase me up over coursework or remind me when my deadlines were (like they did in school). I had to learn how to organise everything myself and how to manage my time, which I know sounds easy now but really wasn’t at the time. As I am now in my third year, I can look back; glad I chose to study with RGU as I have really enjoyed my course so far and the student experience which Aberdeen offers.

Keep reading my blog for updates on my life, exploring the city and my tips on making the best out of your student experience!

Maryam x

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