My Placement Year

One of the main reasons I wanted to study in Aberdeen Business School is because RGU offer a placement year which allows students to work in replacement of their third year. This gives student’s great experience working in an industry, a year’s salary and, best of all, a year without exams and lectures! I started my placement with RGU’s marketing and communication department which means I’ve gone from being a student at RGU to a member of staff. It’s been really good to actually apply the knowledge I’ve learned over the past two years as most of the time I found myself questioning ‘when will I actually need to know this? But trust me, you will!

Going on placement was at first a culture shock as I was used to having a very flexible timetable and the option of taking days off. But now I am committed to full days and have actual responsibilities to carry through with. I’ve taken the position as a Digital Content Assistant which is very suitable for me as I envision a career in this field. When I first started I was very anxious about doing placement as I wasn’t going to have the comfort of tutors assisting me with everything, but I managed to settle into the flow of things quickly. Everyone really has my best interest in mind and it’s been a welcoming team to join. I’ve been learning a lot about blogging and enjoy working alongside professionals in this field. I am now three months in and am looking forward to the rest of the year and all the new things I will learn and achieve whilst being here.

I really encourage students to do a placement year as part of their degree as it really gives you valuable experience and will stand out on your CV!

Maryam x


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